Subin Erattakulangara

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I hail from a small village in northern Kerala, India, where my early years were marked by a curiosity for technology that led me to explore and experiment with various domains. My drive stems from a deep-seated belief in utilizing technology to enhance the quality of life for others. My professional journey spans diverse fields, including deep learning, machine learning, medical imaging, robotics, application development, and augmented reality. Through hands-on project involvement, I have cultivated a thorough understanding of these domains. Notably, I recently completed an internship at Kitware Inc as an R&D Engineer, further honing my skills and expertise in these areas.


Research Assistant

University of Iowa

August 2019 - Present

R & D Engineering Intern

Kitware Inc

July 2023 - Dec 2023



2022 - 2024

Product Designer - Robotics

Tata consaltancy services

February 2018 - July 2019

Software Engineer

Tata consaltancy services

September 2017 - January 2018


University of Iowa, USA

Doctor of Philosophy

Biomedical Engineering

2019 - Present

National Institute of Technology Calicut, India

Bachelor of Technology

GPA: 8.14/10

2013 - 2017

Govt Higher Secondary School kuttikkattoor


Percentage : 97%

2010 - 2012


Programming Languages



Tensorflow/Keras, Pytorch/MONAI


Solid Works, Matlab,Git


  • Shark Tank 2023, ISMRM International conference - First prize
  • Startup accilerator, Builders & Backers - 2023 Cohort
  • Research open house 2022, University of Iowa - Best poster award
  • Startup Games 2022, University of Iowa - 3rd prize
  • B4 Young scientist Program on neuroscience - conducted by Harward MIT
  • Soul IIT Bombat - Design and implementation of low cost solar lamp - Selected in top 20 from asia pacific
  • iFast Bhopal - Cube PCR, DIY PCR machine for students - Represented NIT Calicut from Robotics Lab
  • Techfest 2014 - Pollution controller for vehicles - Selected Among top 200 Projects from Asia Pacific
  • 1st State Science fair - Pollution controller for vehicles
  • Invent Now - Liquid Sand Trap - Advanced security system for home


I am a passionate and curious individual with a love for technology and travel. I have always been fascinated by how things work and how they can be used to improve the world around us. I have read extensively on a variety of topics, but I have also learned the importance of hands-on experience. I have tried my hand at a variety of projects, from designing rockets to cultivating bacteria at home. I have learned a great deal from my experiments, and I am grateful for the friends who have helped me along the way. My interest in technology led me to join the robotics club at NIT Calicut, where I was exposed to programming languages and electronics. I learned how to use Arduino and Android Studio, and I developed a number of projects. I am proud of my work, and I am confident that it will continue to fuel my passion for technology. I am excited to continue my education and to learn more about the world around me. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given, and I am confident that I will make the most of them.


The DNA Amplifier available in the market always cost more than 1600$, Which makes the experiments with PCR a bit more costly and not available for science guys. Since PCR is the basic step in genetic engineering it is too hard to continue any experiments in biotechnology I have designed a PCR machine under 300$, which can be completely controlled by an android application. This machine runs the basic PCR protocol and replicates the DNA and gives you the same result as the normal PCR machine can give. The whole machine can also be debugged using the android application. The first model of this machine have released into DIY Bio community

Technology : The upper body of the robot which is interacting with humans is designed using Unity and integrated into a mobile robot-like firebird. The mobile robot base will give essential mobility for Halflife and the other half will be generated by an Android application when it finds a marker over it.

Image Image


Halflife is a social robot that exists in both real life and augmented reality. Social robots are becoming an integral system in our life and Robotics research. But such robots cost a lot of money because of the complex systems that exist in them. Here we are trying to create a social robot which has its upper body in augmented reality and another half in real life.

Technology : The upper body of the robot which is interacting with humans is designed using Unity and integrated into a mobile robot-like Firebird. The mobile robot base will give essential mobility for Halflife and the other half will be generated by an Android application when it finds a marker over it.


The machine is Designed to be small and to be operated by an average user.It simplifies the Process of ECG data extraction.The patient can use the machine by himself and can send the data to a doctor for analysis The machine works on a Front end ECG ic. It extracts the ECG Signals from your body,the data is analysed by a micro controller and send through the bluetooth.The android application takes the data and plots the ECG Graph Mini ECG android application can be used to plot the ECG graphs of any bluetooth based ecg machines

Image Image


Secura is a Double password protected door lock operated by an Android application based on augmented reality. There is no lock and key mechanism in this system, The application identifies the door based on the QR code generated by the user and the keypad becomes visible only when it identifies the QR code. Later the user is prompted to enter the four-digit password on the screen to open the door. This unit allows the user to change both the lock (QR code ) and the password at any time and allows the exchange of locks between doors

Technology : The first password mentioned here is the QR code generated by the user. It can be fixed onto any door powered by secura. The android application will generate the keypad only when it finds the marker ( QR Code ) and it matches the password with the data given by the user. And instructions will be given through Bluetooth to open the door


Abhram is an android based data transfer software which will let you transfer data through your finger. The application was inspired by "SPARSH" which was released by MIT Media Lab. Abhram can transfer images from one android device to other just by your touch. It works based on the Dropbox cloud. The data is temporarily stored in Dropbox and retrieved on the point of next touch on any android based devices. The user has two modes either to transfer data or to receive it. It requires a Dropbox account


AR Magic box is an augmented reality-based setup which allows a person to control any physical devices using Augmented reality powered android application. In the video, a Device( Fan ) is been controlled by attaching a marker over it and connecting its power source to AR Magic box. The device allows us to control any devices connected to it without creating any physical changes in it

Hygge - Augmented greeting card

Normal greeting cards are not meant to hide secrets from everyone. Whoever has the card can read whatever written in it. Here we found the possibility of augmented reality to hide secrets in a greeting card, the person who gets the card have to use our specialized android application to read the secret written in the card. This greeting card is been given during farewell of my seniors in Robotics interest group.

Technology : The Greeting cards contain a marker(The cartoon of a dancing girl) near to the greetings message. This is considered as an image marker and tracked in the video stream of the android application. When the application detects the marker it overlays an image of our secret message.

Augmented Newspaper

Augmented reality newspaper is an example of how a future newspaper looks like. When the normal newspaper can only give an image of a specific news. The augmented newspaper will be able to play a video that is related to the image in the newspaper. AR newspaper requires our specialized android application which can track and detect the image given in a newspaper and load a video on its position. The given youtube video is about a newsletter I designed on the activities of the robotics club when the user shows his camera over the news the club orientation video will start to play in the position of the image in the newsletter